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SopCast is a program that allows you to watch online TV channels for free, and also your own ads. Use technology (P2P) peer-to-peer so you don’t need large bandwidths or server.

The beauty of streaming via P2P is that anyone can broadcast anything they want, which is a very democratic medium. Two of the previously cited programs are good examples of the technology in action yet SopCast (known ‘ SOP ‘ is an abbreviation for ‘ streaming via P2P ‘) is undoubtedly the best because it allows you to easily broadcast your own way.

(Function () ((“Review-app-page-Desktop”);); Easy to install

In the latest version of Sopcast, there is almost no noticeable changes in the interface, so it is still very easy to use. Setup prompts you to install the search bar that you select by clicking the checkbox. When you start SopCast, you sign up or anonymously or, if you plan to put your own path, create your own account using the link below. While you are entering in Sopcast, click on the tabs way of life so they can see the ads change. The first thing you can notice is the number of ways to choose from. There is absolutely everything here from obscure Chinese channels offering mainstream, such as the Discovery Channel (though again, you can find many programs either called or subtitles in Chinese). Some of Sopcast channels are organized like news and sports, but those categories you make sure the lower you go down, just can’t we tried.

TV Pop-out screen

The Sopcast channel window will pop out the side of the player, but can be expanded to full screen or output to Windows Media player to use Vision Control in the panel. This really separates SopCast from the rest of the P2P TV streaming applications. If you want to use the player to media (like VLC player), you do this by clicking the Options button under the main interface.

Advertise your Own program

SopCast is one of the most important traits though, and the reason why much of his way to look like a mess, the fact is that you are advertising your channel on it. Once your program is recorded, edited and on your PC, all you have to do is stream it through SopCast and Select server address on which people can connect and watch

Quality depends on other users

The quality of advertising in most SopCast will depend on the number of people who have connected (consumers more video, faster will the creek). You even create your own personal path and determine which users can monitor by creating a network group, allowing you to run your own private TV channel in SopCast.


SopCast may seem a bit ambiguous to the user the first time, but in spite of the Chinese administration, it offers a new world of watching TV. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to run your channel!

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