Privacy policy

Here we inform our users of our policies regarding any use of any data collected by


us.The terms used in the privacy policy section are the same terms used in the


terms and conditions section.


Your data is being used for the purpose of improving the services that you receive 


from our website, and by using or visiting our website,you are agreeing on your



data being collected 


and used by our website,unless determined otherwise.




Information collection




We gather different types of data from our users to guarantee that we deliver


the best services to them.




Types of data we collect



Email address

First and last name



Why we use your data



The SAS website uses any gathered data for the following purposes


For providing and maintaining our services to our users.


For notifications about any updates or news.


To allow our users to participate in any activity being held on our website,


only under your permission and acceptance.


To provide support for our users.


To provide analysis of our website in order for us to study the progress of our


website in a detailed manner.


Monitoring any usage of our services.


To be able to recognize any arising issues, and be able to face and solve as soon


as possible.




Transferring the data




The information gathered by our website, personal or not, may be transferred to 


computers located anywhere in the globe, where their rules and regulations are


different from yours. 





Security of data




The security of the data of our users is a high priority to us and we will by all 


available means make sure that your data is secure,but please be aware of the fact


that it is impossible to 100% secure any online or electronic data, so there is


always a small probability that our security be breached by any external


party or individual.




Disclosure of data



We believe that the disclosure of your data is necessary for the following reasons:


For complying with any legal obligation/s


For protecting and defending the rights of SAS


For preventing and investigating any errors in our system.


For protecting any personal safety for our users.


For protection against any legal liability.




Changing the privacy policy




This privacy policy may change from time to time for any reason, but our users


will be notified if we decide to change any of our privacy policy or terms and




You will be notified by mail.