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Here are the rules for using the SAS website

In case you decide to use our website, then you agree on all of the terms and


conditions of the SAS website. If you don’t accept all of the terms and conditions,


kindly stop using the SAS website. The terminology used on this website follows


the following rules: you, your, or client means the user or the visitor of the SAS


website We, us, our, or ourselves refer to the SAS website. 




1- content




The SAS website owns all of the rights of the included content,and content here


means written content only.


The following is totally prohibited in the SAS website:


Republishing any kind of content from https://stuffadviceservice.com/


Selling, sublicensing or renting any material included in https://stuffadviceservice.com/


Copying, duplicating, or reproducing any material from https://stuffadviceservice.com/


Redistributing any content is prohibited, except for a content which was


authorized by us to be freely redistributed.




2- Hyperlinking to the website




Linking to our website is allowed only with our approval, only the following


parties are able to link to our website without our prior approval:


Informational (news) websites


Search engines websites


(online) directory distributors, who naturally link to our website when mentioning


it in their lists.


Any party which is allowed to hyperlink to our website should do so by using our


corporate name (SAS) and linking to the official web address of our website,




The usage of the logo or the trademark of our website is not allowed.